Who Is Using the Treasury of Heritage?

Our goal is to strengthen and unite families, communities and the world by sharing real life human experiences. Our members are diverse and come from all races, colors and creeds. This is the magic of our community.

Treasury of HeritageIndividuals & Families can all contribute to each other’s legacy by commenting on Story Board posts. Each family member’s input becomes part of the family legacy. When this happens, the family is strengthened by a new found appreciation of each other’s life experiences.

Charities use the Treasury to tell their own story which is often the reason why their were formed. Stories are the best way to learn about a charity. By creating a ‘Story Contest’ charities can tailor the story message around their cause.

Military Groups use the treasury to preserve and share their service experiences. The Treasury provides a great place to form groups, forums, upload photos, videos and all that is needed to tell the stories of veterans their families want to know.

Faith-Based Organizations use the Treasury to build a continuity of faith with their members. By sharing stories among members congregations can maintain and even grow their member base in a meaningful way. By engaging the congregation and particularly the youth in a ‘Story Contest’, members will be awakened and enriched in many ways.

Caregivers use the treasury to connect with and update family members when a loved one is dealing with an illness or accident. Each time a family member posts to the Story Board it adds to the loved one’s legacy.

Business Networks- t has been said that ‘Facts Tell but Stories Sell’. There is no better way to gain new customers than by sharing your business story.

About the Treasury of Heritage

The Treasury of Heritage is the brainchild of two men who met in an unusual way.
Tom Cormier

Tom Cormier grew up on a New England farm with his 9 siblings. He was the first to leave home and served with the US Marines in the Viet Nam War. Returning home he married his high school sweetheart, Christine, and has been married nearly 40 years with two grown sons, Justin and Tyler.

In 1990 Tom founded LTA Media, an international direct marketing firm specializing in life enhancement products. ‘LTA’ stands for ‘Let’s Talk America’, a radio talk show Tom created and hosted which aired on over 600 stations in the United States and Canada during the 1990’s.

In 2000, looking to make a bigger difference, he helped restore a vintage mountain town in the Great Smoky Mountains. It was during this time that he began collecting and preserving stories of the Cherokee and Appalachian communities.

It quickly became apparent that this rich heritage was disappearing much faster than he could capture it. He began looking for ways to engage communities, groups, cultures and families to become more active in preserving their heritage. During his quest a mutual friend introduced him to Dennis Stack.

Dennis Stack

Dennis was on a similar mission. With the loss of his father before his only daughter was born and the loss of his mother to Alzheimer’s Disease when his daughter was two, Dennis realized his daughter would never know her grandparents. In fact, he knew very little about his parents, which caused him to rethink his priorities.

After 19 years starting as a financial consultant with EF Hutton and finishing as a Senior Vice President and Branch Manager for UBS/Paine Webber, he discovered that his clients did a great job with preserving their valuables but not so well at preserving their values. So, he created a ‘do-it-yourself’ Family Story Keeper Kit as a 2001 Christmas gift for his clients. The response was overwhelming. In 2003 he left his upper 6-figure career and made preserving family heritage his life passion.

Since then he has refined and improved his unique story-collection process by training thousands of volunteers in over 800 hospices, senior centers and VA hospitals. His ‘Family Story Keeper Course’ is considered the industry gold standard for conducting intuitive interviews and is now being taught in 3 universities.

In early 2006 he founded Project Story Keeper, a charitable organization that works with cultural groups and communities to provide awareness, training and tools to record their stories. Today, Project Story Keeper is a founding partner with the Library of Congress’ Veteran History Project.

Together, Tom & Dennis became a force on the national heritage scene. They created the ‘TreasuryOfHeritage.com’, an online archive and gathering place where stories can be stored and shared by families and communities in multi-media.

The Treasury is a no fancy frills website. It’s purpose is to provide a well organized and safe place on the web to back up memories that can never be replaced and to offer the social media technology to share them.

With the nation’s most efficient story-collection process and an online archive to preserve and share the rich content, it was time to launch, ‘The Great Heritage Campaign’, a worldwide movement to make story-preservation a priority.

We would love for you to become part of our community and movement. Please give it a try. Our free ‘Shoebox’ account is very generous.

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